Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stoke Vs Newcastle

Well stoke followed up their last game with an ass beating for Newcastle. I can't tell you how good it felt to seem a 4-0 Victory for stoke. I mean i love those wins when i watch Barcelona play (see other blog: Seeing Stoke City do it though made me feel a little bit taller. These are the players who moved up to Barclay's 3 years ago. It feels a lot shorter but it's true. But now onto the goals
Walters scored the first goal to start what would be a record breaking win. His header was quite nice and it was a good delivery from Pennant. Pennant was next on the scoresheet with a cross from Etherington, which was blocked by a Newcastle defender, it fell and Pennant sprung forward to put it in the back of the new. That was 2-0. Higgy then slamed another one in from a free kick. Just to get a little off topic but when the hell did Higgenbottom become such a great freekick taker. He's made what? 2 or 3 now in the past few games. Either way my favorite of the match. Last goal was from fuller. It was kicked by Begovic, headed forward and landed in front of Ric (Ricardo Fuller). All he had to do was slide it past the keeper and he did that. Good job to all
And as you may be tired of hearing. I'm stoke city till i die
Dude forgot the vid:     just scroll down a bit and you got it.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stoke Vs West Ham

Stoke just beat West Ham to go into the semi finals of the FA Cup. this is their first appearance there in about 36 (39?) years. I'm starting to think that there's a very real possibility that we can see Stoke City in the final. But more on that in another post.
The first goal by stoke city was the one that they are most recognized for.  A ball into the area and a header. not much to say about that.
      Now I'll give West Ham this their goal was a very nice shot and it would have been great if it hadn't been a handball to set up the shot. Now refs make mistakes and i can understand that but i still feel cheated. Either way it was a great strike that should not have counted.
The next goal was scored by Higgenbottam (Higgy as I usually refer to him by). This goal was scored from a free kick and it was driven low and with power. Green did get a hand to it but he couldn't stop it.
   All in all Good show by Stoke, they're heading to the Wembley
And so you guys now. I'm Stoke City till i die

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stoke City VS West Bromwich

I haven't been able to find a video but i'll upload one when able.
Well the major talking point is the late equalizer by Vela, the mexican international player who is on loan from Arsenal. West bromwich tied the game in minute 87. This goal seemed  to have been offsides, i think it is but the flag stayed down and Vela got a goal. Now this game wasn't too interesting in general.
Now for a quick run down of the game. The first 25 minutes were testing for Stoke. There were not many shots at goal but they could not move out of their half of the pitch. Stoke had gone one in front in the first half with a goal by Delap, his second this season. It came off of a corner kick delivered by Jermaine Pennant. This was also Pennant's first game since January and he attacked hard and was the biggest threat to the baggies (West Brom). The game wasn't exciting in general simply becuase West Brom has a really unreliable defense, but they defended the main threats and their strikers get the goals in the dieing minutes. Asmir Begovic was doing his job all game with plenty of saves througout. After West Brom's goal (questionable? i say so but im biased) they forced three more saves from him. All in all Stoke could have won this game but it was not to be.

And for all you stoke fans
I'm Stoke City till i die

Friday, February 25, 2011

First post

Well now. I'm new to the blogging industry but i will give a quick overview of this blog. The basic idea of this blog is for me to give a summary of stoke city's league games and cup games. I usually watch Stoke play each weekend. I will go over play by play how the goals were scored and when available post highlights. For the stoke fans who will be reading this blog
I'm stoke city till i die