Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stoke Vs Newcastle

Well stoke followed up their last game with an ass beating for Newcastle. I can't tell you how good it felt to seem a 4-0 Victory for stoke. I mean i love those wins when i watch Barcelona play (see other blog: Seeing Stoke City do it though made me feel a little bit taller. These are the players who moved up to Barclay's 3 years ago. It feels a lot shorter but it's true. But now onto the goals
Walters scored the first goal to start what would be a record breaking win. His header was quite nice and it was a good delivery from Pennant. Pennant was next on the scoresheet with a cross from Etherington, which was blocked by a Newcastle defender, it fell and Pennant sprung forward to put it in the back of the new. That was 2-0. Higgy then slamed another one in from a free kick. Just to get a little off topic but when the hell did Higgenbottom become such a great freekick taker. He's made what? 2 or 3 now in the past few games. Either way my favorite of the match. Last goal was from fuller. It was kicked by Begovic, headed forward and landed in front of Ric (Ricardo Fuller). All he had to do was slide it past the keeper and he did that. Good job to all
And as you may be tired of hearing. I'm stoke city till i die
Dude forgot the vid:     just scroll down a bit and you got it.


  1. It was an excellent game, I'm surprised I watched it.

    Followed, I like your commentary =3

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