Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stoke Vs West Ham

Stoke just beat West Ham to go into the semi finals of the FA Cup. this is their first appearance there in about 36 (39?) years. I'm starting to think that there's a very real possibility that we can see Stoke City in the final. But more on that in another post.
The first goal by stoke city was the one that they are most recognized for.  A ball into the area and a header. not much to say about that.
      Now I'll give West Ham this their goal was a very nice shot and it would have been great if it hadn't been a handball to set up the shot. Now refs make mistakes and i can understand that but i still feel cheated. Either way it was a great strike that should not have counted.
The next goal was scored by Higgenbottam (Higgy as I usually refer to him by). This goal was scored from a free kick and it was driven low and with power. Green did get a hand to it but he couldn't stop it.
   All in all Good show by Stoke, they're heading to the Wembley
And so you guys now. I'm Stoke City till i die


  1. I needa get into soccer! Followed!

  2. Just love stoke! Followed!

  3. haha sorry not a stoke fan... i'm a red devil :D

  4. Haha, alright then we got a Man U fan here. Let's see if the Manchester Derby will come out in United's favor.